Membership Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The Minimalist Club Membership Program (“Program”) is a paid rewards program offered by Poi & Hun LLC (“Poi & Hun”) to it’s customers through Membership to the program (“Membership”) is limited to the customers’ e-mail account. By paying the annual fee for membership in the program, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions (“terms”). 

The Minimalist Club Membership 

Enrollment to the Program is by purchase. All membership tiers have a limited duration of 12 full-months after purchase. You may purchase a membership to the program at anytime during the month and by the 1st day of the following month, will be enrolled and provided a promotional code to be used for 12 months.

How to Use Your Membership

Paid members will be provided a re-useable promotion code. This promotion code will allow you to place orders and receive exclusive discounts using your registered e-mail account.  

Membership is non-transferable and Membership purchases must be made by the member. Sharing your membership is prohibited and considered abuse of the Program. Unused memberships are not eligible for membership fee refund. 

Prioritized Fulfillment (All Members) and Expedited Shipping (US Members Only)

Members who are eligible for this benefit will receive prioritized order fulfillment over non-member orders. Members with orders shipping to addresses in the United States will receive Expedited Shipping at no additional charge. Expedited shipping method will be chosen at Poi & Hun’s sole discretion based on shipping location and shipping date. 

Changes And/Or Removal From Program 

Poi & Hun may, in its sole discretion, alter, limit, or modify the Program rules, benefits, eligibility for Membership or any other feature of the Program by posting any such changes on the Poi & Hun website. 

Poi & Hun reserves the right to exclude individuals from the Program in it’s sole but reasonable discretion. In particular, any abuse, manipulation or “gaming” of the Program or its rules (as determined by Poi & Hun). Excluded individuals are not eligible for any partial or full membership refund. 

Resolving Disputes 

If a dispute should arise between you and Poi & Hun, please reach out to us at 
Additional Information about the Program 
If you have any questions regarding the Program, you may email Customer Service at