About Us

Learn about Poi & Hun and the Co-Founders behind it all!

About Poi & Hun

Poi & Hun was founded in Portland, Oregon by Mr. Poi and Ms. Hun in June 2018 with a vision to design and produce planners and stationery that combine the minimalist style with functionality. Today, Poi & Hun is based out of the Greater Seattle area.

Our mission is to provide you with uniquely beautiful yet functional and logical stationery to keep you organized! We understand that you are unique; that’s why we handpick our materials and create thoughtful stationery pieces that closely reflect our free-thinking style with a strong emphasis on creativity and functionality. Since we stay close to our values, Poi & Hun small batch stationery creates unique flavors of industry leading planners and stationery.

What Mr Poi & Ms Hun Love

Coffee + Tea

Must have a morning coffee before we start work at our coffee station. A cup of evening tea is our favorite to end the day!

Foodie + Travel

We always love trying out new food places during the weekend. We can’t wait to travel soon to explore the world!

Gardening + Plants

Bringing some herbs + vegetables into our garden so we can use them for home cooking!

Studio Office

Redmond, WA

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