Setting Up Your 2022 Discbound Planner

Written By: Rossalyn Ou
What is the best feeling during the end of the year? Holiday season? Seeing loved ones/family? Being able to take a break from work and school with days off? All of these things are amazing, but we probably all forget the wonderful feeling of being able to set up our next year planner. It's always fun setting up your new planner and have it ready for the new year! It gives us such a fresh feeling!
At Poi & Hun, we have everything to help you setup your 2022 Planner from planner covers to 2022 inserts to planner accessories.

How to Use?

Planners are customizable to fit your daily lifestyle and needs. Add in anything that YOU would and will need for a planner. Your options are endless for inserts, covers, accessories and more.
  1. Decide what size you want to setup. We have two sizes you can choose from with options for Clear or Leather Cover
    1. Half Letter Discbound
    2. Mini Happy Planner
  2. Decide if you want a Leather Cover or a Clear cover. Do you want a simple or leather planner?
    1. For a Leather Cover, there are a few option. We have neutral colors to muted color options, check out Poi & Hun's variety of Planner Covers made from Vegan Leather.

    2. For a Clear Cover, we have our Transparent Covers for a sleek look!

  3. Decide the size and color of disc you would like to use. You can find two styles sold on Poi & Hun; Aluminum and Plastic. Look below for our Discs for Discbound System Guide. Please note that our A5 Desk Agenda Compact Cover fits up to 1" discs.
    1. Aluminum Discs: Black, Gold and Rose Gold.
    2. Plastic Discs: Gold, Black, Clear
  1. Choose the divider you would like to use. Planner Dividers help section your planner. We carry two different styles of Planner Dividers: Blank Frosted Tab Dividers, and our Essential Text Frosted Tab Dividers.
    1. Blank Frosted Tab Dividers: You can find two variations of the Blank Frosted Tab Dividers, in "6 side tabs" and "4 top tabs". You can leave the dividers blank or use our Tab Divider Stickers to label them.
    2. Essential Text Frosted Tabs: Gold foil text with tabs labeled for Inbox, Goals, Calendar, Projects, Finance, and Misc. Only available in 6 side tab
  1. Pick your inserts of choice. Customize your planner with your inserts of choice - Poi & Hun carries a variety of inserts for all your needs from daily to weekly and many more.
    1. 2022 Inserts We Recommend: 2022 Yearly & Monthly, 2022 Dated Weekly Inserts (only for half letter), Daily Planner Insert, Goal Inserts, Notes Insert, Lists Inserts

    2. Check out all the inserts for your size here: Half Letter Discbound, Mini Happy Planner

  2. Any accessories to personalize your planner? Make it more personal and aesthetic by adding accessories for your planner.
    1. Fill Your Leather Planner Pockets
      1. Transparent Sticky Notes - Grab it whenever you want to add notes onto your planner. Don't forget to pick up our Uni Pin Pen!
      2. Note Cards - Can be functional or for decoration!
      3. Sticky Notes - If you don't really like Transparent Sticky Notes, paper sticky notes fit perfectly in your planner pockets
    2. Add Into Your Planner:
      1. Credit Card or Top Loading Holder - Add in task cards, note cards or stickers
      2. Today's Ruler - Mark your week or daily for easy access
      3. Vellum Dashboard - Available in different styles to keep your planner functional and decorated.
  3. Construct your planner. With all the materials that you have, it is time to construct your 2022 planner!
    1. Place your disc into your planner dividers. We are using our 1" plastic disc with the Essential Text Frosted Tabs.
    2. Once that has been constructed, add in your inserts into your divider. Make sure to add your inserts into the section that you want them to be placed.
    3. Add in your accessories! Personalize your planner and add your accessories wherever you think you might need them.
    4. If you chose to have a Color Planner Cover, insert the last page of your planner into the back pocket of your planner cover.
    5. Just like that you are finished and your 2022 Planner is all ready!
Discs for Discbound System Guide:
~ 0.75" (3/4 in)
  • Holds up to 120 sheets
  • Available in the styles: Plastic Disc, and Aluminum Disc
~ 1"
  • Holds up to 140 sheets
  • Available in the styles: Plastic Disc, and Aluminum Disc
  • Holds up to 160 sheets
  • Only available in Aluminum Disc
  • Holds up to 180 sheets
  • Only available in Aluminum Disc

We hope this helps and inspire you to build your new planner for 2022. The options are endless and customizable for your 2022 planner. We can't wait to see how you did your 2022 planner set up. Let us know how you made your 2022 Planner by tagging us (@poiandhun) on Instagram or Tiktok!

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  • Donna

    Thank you for all the wonderful information! I’m putting together my 2022 mini Happy Planner right now.

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