How To Use Clean Color Dot Markers

Written By: Rossalyn Ou
Making a bullet-point list can be a hassle at times, especially when you can't form the perfect circles each time. There is a product that we love and recommend... It is super easy to use and honestly a life changer. A big plus with this product is we have a large range of color. Let me tell you about the Clean Color Dot Marker!

About Kuretake Clean Color Dot Marker

You might be wondering... What are Kuretake Clean Color Dot Markers?
They are a marker with a flexible, rounded dot tip. This allows you to change the dot size of the product depending on how much pressure you apply to it. With the Clean Color Dot Marker, the dots sizes are endless.
At Poi & Hun, we carry two different styles of the marker: Single-sided and Double-sided.
Single-Sided vs. Double Sided
  • Both styles have the dot pen tip
  • The Double-Sided - Clean Color Dot Marker has a 0.5mm fine tip; you can draw, or write with this tip. The Double-Sided marker is longer than a regular pen so it may only fit in some pen pouches.
  • The Single-Sided will be sold in a pack of six (6), while the Double-Sided is sold separately. The Single-Sided marker is shorter so it will fit in all pen pouches.

How to Use Clean Color Dot Marker

Now let's go into the fun part... to teach you how to use the Kuretake Zigs Clean Color Dot Marker. It can be used in numerous ways, but let's start you off with some tips on how to use the dot marker!
Don't forget that depending on the amount of pressure you put onto the marker will create a smaller or larger dot. For smaller dots, use less pressure, while for bigger dots, use more pressure to press in.
Here are some different ways to use Kuretake Clean Color Dot Marker:
1. To-Do List: The simplest and easiest way to use the Clean Color Dot Marker is to create bullet-points for your To-Do List.
  • Using the Color Dot Marker with the color of your choice, dot away to create bullet-points!
2. Monthly Setup: Another way to use the Kuretake Clean Color Dot Marker is by using it on your monthly set-up. Make it easy to visually see your monthly set-up with color coded deadlines or events.
  • Grab your Monthly Setup and two (2) different colored Color Dot Markers. Use one color for work and the other color for personal. Mark down any deadlines or events with those colors.
  • For anyone who is in Social Media and plan out their content, use your Monthly Setup to color-code your calendar with your social media platforms for any new content releases or collabs.

3. Weekly Set-up: If the monthly set-up isn't for you, you can use a Weekly set-up instead for a more week-to-week view.
  • Add in deadlines or events for your weekly setup
  • Color-code your weekly setup and add different colors for different items (e.g. personal, work, school...etc)
  • Simply use it for tasks!

The Kuretake Clean Color Dot Marker is easy and simple! It is seriously a life-changer for any stationery lover. Not only to color-code, mark down important dates or deadline, but you can also make creating To-Do List easy as that. The options are endless and the Kuretake Clean Color Dot Marker can be used in so many different ways.
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